Steps to Get 100 Free Followers on Instagram Instantly

Instagram has 90 million monthly users. They also claim those 90 million people post 40 million pictures per day and press 8,500 likes per second. With this in mind, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be getting 100 likes and followers fast.

You are here because you think you are the only one not getting any likes and followers on your Instagram. Well, it’s time to change that! Learn how to use Instagram properly.  Follow the steps below to get 100 free followers on Instagram instantly:

1. After you take your photo, go to Google Play Store or iTunes and search for the “TagsForLikes” app.

2. Open the app.

3. Select “Popular” from the menu.

4. Now, select “Most Popular”.

5. Select “Copy Tags”.

6. Return back to your Instagram app and open it.

7. Press on where it says “Add a caption” left of your photo.

8. Select “paste” to paste the tags into the section.

9. Click the green arrow at the upper right to post your picture.

10. Now watch how your photo get lots of likes.

11. Return to the “TagsForLikes” app.

12 Again, select ”Popular” from the menu.

13. select “2nd Popular”.

14. Select “Copy Tags”.

15. Return to your Instagram app and open it.

16. Return back to the photo and hit the comments button.

17. Click on the Pencil button in the upper right hand corner to edit the photo.

18. Delete the old hashtags by clicking the “X” to the left and tapping the red “delete” box.

19. Press in the empty box at the bottom of the screen.

20. Now, select “paste” and paste the new hashtags into the section.

21.  Press “Send”.

22. By now, the photo will get even more likes and followers!

Repeat this process as much as possible and get 100+ free followers and likes instantly!


The Most Popular Instagram Tags

One of the best ways to get more Instagram likes for your photos is by using popular tags.

Instagram allows 30 tags per photo max.

Use the most popular Instagram tags from the list to get more Instagram followers and likes:

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You can also use this free tool to find and copy the most popular Instragram tags by category: